H.M.S. Majestic

Reference Number:- Sprake Number:- Godden Number:-
st 308 STG182 31d

Image of small military ship resembling a gun boat

Woven on silk:-

Printed at bottom of card-mount:-


cm deep by cm wide

cm high by cm wide

by Austin Sprake:
Certain back labels list "Battleship", which covers all the ships. STG181 to 184a [st280 to st324 on this site] are basically similar, depicting a late 19th-century, two-funnelled gunboat with red-coated marines and blue-coated sailors on the deck. The sea is bright blue, and the flags are red, white and blue.
Title woven below the bow. Two flags on foremast. 

by Geoffrey Godden:
A series of silks depicts six named naval vessels (and at least one unnamed); and the general title "Battleships" is to be found on some early twentieth-century labels from 33+33 of late 1901 or early 1902. These battleship Stevengraphs are very rarely found today. They were perhaps mainly sold at the naval ports, where they would soon have become "dated" or old-fashioned. The different titles are listed below in alphabetical order.
H.M.S. MAJESTIC (above).
The title is woven below the bow. Two flags are to be seen at the foremast. The abbreviation "RD" appears in the left-hand bottom corner and relates to the registration number 384379 granted on 10 December 1901.
H.M.S. Majestic was completed in December 1895 and was sunk in 1915.
This subject is also recorded with the wording "Wishing you a happy Christmas and a Happy New Year".

Other comments:
This ship is of course a Majestic class cruiser.


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