Our choice for President and Vice President 1888

(cabin & cooking pot)

Reference Number:- Darby Number:- Godden Number:-
sb 1552 280 599

campaign ribbon showing portrait images of candidates for President and Vice President of the USA
(eagle & shield)
{portraits of Harrison & Morton}
(cabin & cooking pot)
Size of Silk:
cm long by cm wide
Alternative back-ground colours:
A member of the Stevengraph Collectors Association has this bookmark, and reports that his version is still attached to the stiff backing paper, on which is written " Woven in pure silk by Stevengraph Mfg. Co. J.J. Mannion & Co. Sole Props., Cincinatti, Ohio. " There can hence be no doubt this ribbon is of Stevens manufacture.

This campaign ribbon was on behalf of the Republican challengers, Benjamin Harrison (for President) and Levi P Morton (as Vice President). They were successful, against the incumbant Democrat President Cleveland & Thurman.

It is believed that Stevens also produced the campaign ribbon for Cleveland & Thurman, and this is recorded as sb1548.

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