A dear friend's wish

Reference Number:- Darby Number:- Godden Number:-
sb 136  121 321

Bookmark with words
Dear Friend's

Where'er your abode,
Be that home ever blest
And never with poverty
Be you oppress'd:


image of flowers
with words beneath:



May health's rosy tint
On your cheeks long appear
And happiness yours be
For many a year;

Till life, like a full sheaf
Doth gloriously end,
'Tis a wish
From the heart of -
Your own dearest friend.


Size of Silk:
24.1cm long by 5.4cm wide
Alternative back-ground colours:


Signed: "T.STEVENS COVENTRY" on back at pointed end:

Stevens logo reverse pointed end of this bookmark
Stevens logo on the reverse pointed end of this bookmark,
although notice that the "N" of STEVENS, is reversed.



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