Elizabeth II crowned 2nd June 1953

Woven by Brough, Nicholson & Hall Ltd.

Reference Number:-  
obn 68  

Bookmark with delicate image of Queen Elizabeth II portrait and gold silk tassle



Image of royal crown





Portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II



Elizabeth II


2nd June 1953


Size of Silk:

17.0cm long (plus tassle) by 6.0cm wide

Alternative back-ground colours:

Woven on back at pointed end:

"Designed & woven on pure silk
by BN&H Ltd. Leek England."
although several silks are known that do not have this manufacturer's credit.
woven credit o the reverse pointed end of this bookmark  

These bookmarks were sold attached with glue at the top end to black card, and wrapped in cellophane.

Two versions are known, the one above with Her Royal Highness facing left; the other version (obn69 on this site) with the Queen facing right.


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