1876 - 1976

Woven by Brough, Nicholson & Hall Ltd.

Reference Number:-  
obn 440  

The Blackpool Tower

Printed on card cover:-


1876                    1976



Woven on silk:-


1876 [image of Coat of Arms] 1976

[image of Blackpool Tower, with
woven on building]


Size of Silk:

21.0 cm high by 9.0 cm wide

by Godden:
Godden does not includes this silk.

Other comments:
As was customary with many Brough, Nicholson & Hall silk pictures, the actual silk is glued to the inside of a fold over stiff paper cover, with a window cut in the front through which the silk is seen framed.

There is no writing on the inside of this cover, although there is extensive writing on the back:-


reverse of The Blackpool Tower cover
Printed on side of card cover:-

The 1,800 Jacquard cards required to produce this picture will
not be used after the end of this year.


Printed on main body of card cover:-
A woven picture to commemorate Blackpool Centenary


A few interesting details about

Built in 1894 it is 518 feet 9 inches (158.12 metres) high
from the Promenade to the top of the flagstaff. Almost
2,500 tons (2,540 metric tonnes) of steel and 100 tons
(101.6 metric tonnes) of cast iron were used in the
Tower construction alone. The four giant legs rest on
concrete platforms 35 feet (10.67 metres) square and 12
feet (3.66 metres) thick, reinforced with rolled steel
During the First World War it was used as an observation
centre for submarine spotting and in the Second World
War it became a radar base.

This woven picture is a revival of an art form first used in
Victorian times by the Coventry ribbon makers. The
most famous of these was Thomas Stevens, whose
miniture pure silk woven pictures covered nearly 150
subjects. Stevengraphs as they are known today fetch
anything from a few pounds to hundreds, depending on
the subject and condition. Unfortunately the current
price of silk makes its use prohibitive in the price range
of this production.
However, even by using rayon the finished result is a fine
example of the detail which can be obtained in the art of
Jacquard weaving.
Because the method of manufacture has remained vir-
tually unchanged, this commemorative piece might be
regarded as an antique of the future.

BLACKPOOL - truly "The Resort of the Century"

Grateful acknowledgements to the Blackpool Borough
Council and the Blackpool Tower Company for their co-

Designed and Manufactured in Staffordshire, England
by Brough, Nicholson & Hall Limited.


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