Unitarian Chapel
(King Edward Street Chapel, Macclesfield) - 1955

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Brocklehurst-Whiston (BWA) silk picture with people walking past the Unitarian Chapel in King Edward Street, Macclesfield
The image of this silk was very kindly donated by Mary Brittan, UK.

Woven at bottom of silk:-    
King Edward St
Chapel 1690

Woven in Silk 1955

Printed at bottom of card mount:-

King Edward Street Chapel, 1690



Legend printed on inside cover of card mount:-
The oldest Dissenting Chapel in the town. It was built in 1690 immediately after the passing of the Toleration Act which granted freedom of worship to Nonconformists. It was known for a long time as 'Brocklehursts' Chapel', the Brocklehurst family being Unitarians and liberal patrons of this ancient place of worship. Many years ago it had a grass lawn in front and was open to both King Edward Street and the Market Place.

Card mount:
cm deep by cm wide

7.8cm high by 13.5cm wide

Technical Details supplied by Lewis Cowen:
First Sketch:       Mr Cyril Holland
Design Draft:Mr James Norris
Card Cutter:Mr William Stubbs
Weaver:Mrs Hilda Mathers
Design No:Z.10976

by Lewis Cowen:
The Brocklehurst family had for many years been supporters of, and worshippers at the Unitarian Chapel in King Edward Street, and KING EDWARD STREET CHAPEL was selected as the subject for New Year 1955.

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