A Memento of the Great Exhibition, 1851

Woven by I & R Robinson & Co

Reference Number:-  
orob 4  

large ornate woven ribbon with letter A in centre, and title words at the bottom


{dove of peace}
{ribbon with words:}
The Earth is the Lords and the Fulness thereof
{large capital A }
{pattern of English Rose,
Scottish Thistle and Irish Shamrock }
of the Great Exhibition, 1851.
I & R. ROBINSON & Co.               30 Milk St.
Of silk : 20.3cm high by 14.0cm wide
Of card mount: cm high by cm wide
signed: " I & R ROBINSON & CO. " woven on the front. The address is given as 30 Milk Street, although in the absence of a town, it is not known where Robinson was based.

The actual silk panel has been mounted in a new, recent card matt, and it is not known how it was originally presented.

As Prince Albert was instrumental in the origination and organisation of the Great Exhibition, it is assumed the large capital A relates to his Royal Highness.

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