Bookmark: Victoria & Albert 1862

Woven by Charles Newsome, Coventry.

Reference Number:-  
one 104  

Bookmark with large white space, images of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and ribbon with words
The image of this silk kindly
donated by Anne Hurst, England.












[image of Queen Victoria]



[pattern with "V & A" intertwined]




[image of Prince Albert]


ribbon with words:


[pattern with "CN" intertwined]


Size of Silk:

21.6cm long by 4.4cm wide

Alternative back-ground colours:

by Godden:
Godden does not record this bookmark

Other comments:
This bookmark has the woven date of 1862, despite having both Victoria and Albert's name. Albert of course died in 1861!

Queen Victoria succeeded to the throne in 1837, and so her 25th Anniversary would have been 1862. It is probably therefore that this bookmark was designed in anticipation of that Anniversary, but probably never issued. If that were the case, this must be a very rare bookmark.

The reverse has the words "C NEWSOME Manuf: COVENTRY Draftsmen OWEN BROS" 

This same bookmark has also been seen with an extended white area above the portraits. That bookmark was hence longer, at 26.0cm long by 4.4cm wide:-

same bookmark with extended white space above images of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

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