The Last Handloom Weaver

(re-woven by Adamley Textiles, from same cards, for the Macclesfield Silk Museum)

Reference Number:-  
ocs 28  

picture of man working at a hand loom, with no printed words
image of
man working at a hand loom
Of Card mount: 24.8cm deep by 18.3cm wide
Of Silk picture: 14.0cm deep by 8.3cm wide
Cartwright & Sheldon originally produced this silk picture, as the last one they made, to coincide with the closure of the Paradise Mill - their home of many years. The Macclesfield Silk Museum later took over the Paradise Mill buildings and arranged to have this silk re-woven by Adamley Textiles, using the original Jacquard cards.
It is not known if there is a back label to the image above, and as the re-woven version is identical to the original, there are no distinguishing features on the actual silk. As however the original Last Handloom Weaver silk had a printed title and Seandess name, whilst the card matt above has no printing at all, it is assumed the version above to be the later re-woven version.

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