St. Michael's Church

(1951 version)

Woven by Cartwright & Sheldon (known as Seandess)

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picture with title words and image of St. Michael's Church, Macclesfield
image of
St. Michael's Church
Of Card mount: 27.5cm deep by 17.8cm wide
Of Silk picture: 15.0cm deep by 9.0cm wide

The image above shows the calendar picture, with the upper ribbon to allow hanging, and the actual calendar itself attached with ribbons below the picture.

There is a back label (see right and below), noting this picture was hand woven in pure silk by CARTWRIGHT & SHELDON LTD.  and giving extensive information about St. Michael's Church.

This same silk was re-woven in 1978 to commemorate the 700th Anniversary of the founding of the church, and this reissued version is recorded as ocs20 on this site.

view of reverse of this calendar picture:
reverse view of this calendar picture
close up of the back label:
close up of the back label
St. Michael's Church
        The first mention of a Church in Macclesfield is made
in Letters Patent granted by Edward I and dated 25th January,
1278;   the present building being erected on the site and
foundations of the original church.

        On the south side of the Church there was established
in the 15th century a Chantry,   now known as the Savage
Chapel, by Thomas Savage -- Archbishop of York -- who is
buried therein.   This Chapel is noted for the remarkable
series of recumbent effigies and brasses many of them dating
from before the Commonwealth.

        Also on the south side of the Church is the Legh
Chapel founded by the Leghs of Lyme, a family famous in
Cheshire history.

        A noticeable feature of the tower is the large number
of heraldic shields affixed to the outer walls representing
many well-known Cheshire families of medieval times.

        It is worth noting that the bells at St. Michael's
number 12 which is the biggest peal of bells in any church
in the County.

The fabric comprising the picture of this calendar is
hand woven in pure silk by

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