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Crimean War

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not yet allocated cash-other0013  

J & J Cash woven ribbon with images of British and French soldiers ready for the Crimean war
{image of French soldier holding the French flag}
{image of Scottish soldier holding a British military flag}
{woven design repeats without break}
Of tapestry: continuous length, 3.8cm wide and with one cycle being approximately 15.0cm long
This ribbon is a pair with cash-other0014 - Crimean War - Returning

The Bookmark Society record this ribbon as being a bookmark (reference number 513), thereby attributing it to J & J CASH'S manufacture.

The design though is a continuously repeated pattern, of which the image above is of one cycle. There is no break in the design to allow a bookmark to be formed with upper or lower fold-overs. As such, there is also no weavers name anywhere on the actual ribbon.

Whilst this ribbon and the other Crimean War ribbon (cash-other0014 - Crimean War - Returning) have been linked, it is worth noting that the respective French and British soldiers are different. In particular, in the ribbon above, the British soldier is from a Scottish regiment, whilst in the " Returning " ribbon he is from an English regiment. Similalry, the French soldier is dressed differently.


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