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not yet allocated Cash-card0004  

J & J Cash woven greetings card, with no words, but titled: NIKSHA
the image of this woven greetings card
was copied, with permission,
from the Cash's web site.


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from the Cash's web site,
it is known this design
is titled
Of card: 18.5cm deep by 13.5cm wide
Of tapestry: 9.5cm deep by 7.0cm wide
This greetings card is one of a series of designs created by CAMILLA HALL.

None has any woven title, although from the Cash's website, this design is titled: NIKSHA, with the Collection Number of 5003.

The full collection comprises:

file reference No: Card Title Collection
cash-card0001 Kiri 5000  
cash-card0002 Spinning 5001  
cash-card0003 Rose 5002  
cash-card0004 (image above) Niksha 5003  
cash-card0005 Bucharest 5004  
cash-card0006 Belarus 5005  
This woven greetings card was available for sale in October 2018 from the Cash's website, mounted on a white card, with quality ivory envelope, at 4.96.

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