black and white portrait of W.E. Gladstone, with woven date of 1884

The Rt. Hon. W.E. Gladstone. M.P.

Reference Number:- Godden Number:- Sprake Number:-
go 226 not recorded Sprake did not record any Grants
Woven on Silk:-
Printed at top of card:-
Printed at bottom of card:-
cm deep by cm wide

20.3cm high by 11.4cm wide


by Geoffrey Godden:
Godden does not record this silk.

Other comments:
The silk above has been re-mounted in a new card matt, so it is unknown what words were printed on the card.

It is also not certain that this is a GRANT silk at all.
Mark Cottrill attributes this silk to Grant in his self publish book The Silk Weavings of William Henry Grant, noting that on an early Grant back label (7 medals) are listed the designs of "Rt. Hon. W.E. Gladstone", "General Gordon", and "Lord Randolph Churchill". The back label records "These are much larger than others", and are priced at 2 shillings; being four times the price of the usual silk portraits.
Cottrill includes images of both the Gladstone silk portrait above, and also a matching one of Churchill. Sadly not that of Gordon.

These three portraits are recorded on this site as:

Rt. Hon. W.E. Gladstone shown above as go226
General Gordon recorded as go228, and
Lord Randolph Churchill as go162.

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