image of a young lady in a swimming costume, and background of an outdoor swimming pool

Calendar 1939

Bathing Beauty
(untitled scene)

Reference Number:- Godden Number:- Grant Catalogue Number:-
gt 239 1058 unknown

Woven on Silk:-

Printed at bottom of card:-

cm deep by cm wide

cm high by cm wide


by Geoffrey Godden:
Various woven calendars were made in different years - many mounted on postcards from the early 1900s onwards, others with Christmas or New Year greetings printed on the reverse side.

Several silks were incorporated in the covers or mounts of calendars (the calendar part being printed on paper in the normal manner) and these cannot be classed as woven calendars. Nevertheless, the finest post-war Grant silk pictures have been especially woven to enhance these standard calendars.

With swimming pool in the background. Silk incorporated in a Grant Company calendar, c. 1939.

Other comments:
There is no printing on this picture to identify it as of Grant manufacture. It is however typical of Grant, and corresponds with Godden's description.

In the absence of an image of the rear, I do not know the exact structure of this picture.
Grant calendars were made in various ways, including either with the silk mounted in a conventional card frame, and the calendar printed on the back, or alternatively, with the mounted silk forming a flap hinged on the top front which, when lifted, revealed the calendar behind.
The image above could be of either type, although from the appearance of the card mount itself, I suspect it is of the hinged flap variety, having been removed from the advertising part of the overall silk.

It is also possible that Grant issued this as an ordinary picture, not a calendar at all, although again, from the flimsy appearance of the card frame, this seems unlikely.


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